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How to purchase some products?

In site menu you can find shop menu. Go there and explore some of best quality smurfs that we offer to you. You can also search for some smurfs in Search products… bar and get navigated directly to desired product.

When you enter shop, there you can browse for some product you want to buy. When you find it simply click on it. Once you open product you can choose quantity, make some reviews if you already bought it before, and find some related products. Then, to purchase it you need first to add product to cart.

After you finished adding products you can review cart and see which products you added. When you add some product to cart, above it will appear button view cart so you can go directly to it, or you can go to cart by clicking cart in top menu. You checked all products, saw total price and you are ready to purchase it? Then it’s time for checkout. On bottom you will see proceed to checkout button. Click on it, fill all necessary fields and then proceed to PayPal.

For now, only PayPal is supported for buying. In future will be added more payment methods.

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No long waiting time after you have bought a League of Legends account. Play almost instantly. As soon as you have paid our automated system shows you the account credentials on this page and you will receive an email containing them aswell.

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Upon purchasing you receive complete access to the Smurf Account, which means that you will be able to attach your email and change the password whenever you want. You are the first and only owner of the account

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Every single one of our accounts is top notch quality, we make sure to level in the safest way possible and guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.


Because we care about you, we want to make sure that you know exactly the benefits when you buy a League of Legends account. The most obvious benefit is that you don’t have to work your way up from level 1 to level 30 again. Depending on your experience and skill, that can take a few days or a couple of weeks. With a level 30 smurf account, you can jump right into the action with a high-level account from Day 1. In League of Legends, the ELO system prevents high-level players from fighting alongside low-level players. This means high-level players can’t play with and show the ropes to their real-life friends who are just starting out. But with an unranked smurf account, that becomes possible.